Draft Tourism Strategy for Northern Ireland: 10 Year Plan

Consultation opened on 06 November 2023. Closing date 02 February 2024.


The draft Tourism Strategy for Northern Ireland: 10 Year Plan sets out our vision and mission for the growth of the tourism sector in Northern Ireland over the next decade. It will help position the region internationally as an attractive place to visit, making our visitors feel welcome whilst at the same time helping to make the lives better of all our citizens. It will seek to deliver on the objectives of 10x by generating economic growth that is sustainable, inclusive and innovative.


Consultation description

The department wants all interested parties to consider the draft proposals for growth in the tourism sector. This is an opportunity to help shape the final strategy and next steps. Tourism NI will also be consulting with the tourism industry via a parallel process of industry engagement.

The primary method for responses is online via Citizen Space. If you are unable to respond using the online consultation survey, responses can be emailed using the response template provided to the email address below.

The consultation period was initially open for nine weeks ending on 12 January 2024. However, given the number of requests received for an extension to this period, it was decided to re-open the consultation until Friday 2 February 2024.  

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