Northern Ireland Export Forum

The Northern Ireland Export Forum was established in April 2023 to bring together the key players in Northern Ireland’s export support ecosystem with the overarching goal of producing an effective, single operating model for export support and promotion in NI.


The key objectives of the Forum are:

  1. to develop a shared understanding of the existing composition of our export promotion ecosystem, including the roles and responsibilities of the various participants and the range of supports available, and share this effectively with NI businesses and stakeholders.
  2. to review Northern Ireland’s existing performance on external sales.
  3. to set ambitious targets for 2030, which reflect the scale of transformation envisaged in 10X.
  4. to define roles and responsibilities of main actors across the export promotion and advisory space, ensuring effective collaboration.
  5. to develop an action plan to achieve economic transformation through maximising external sales.
  6. to provide a space for discussion and co-ordination of trade activities and interventions.
  7. to ensure Northern Ireland maximises benefits from Trade Facilitation (including but not limited to Trade Agreements, Transit NCTS 5, Single Trade Window and Ecosystems of Trust).

The Export Forum will have an important role if we are to achieve the scale of the economic transformation that is envisaged under the Department’s 10X vision.

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