A National Occupational Standard (NOS) is a document that describes the knowledge, skills and understanding an individual needs to be competent at a job.

NOS can be used in many different ways. Awarding Bodies can create qualifications to train individuals for a job. These qualifications can then be used in an Apprenticeship Framework or a training programme.

Employers can create a job description to recruit new staff or a training plan to develop their skills. Also, individuals can research different types of jobs and match their skills/experience to those that are needed.

UK Standards database

All of the completed and approved NOS are kept on a database – UK Standards. This is accessible to everyone across the UK and allows people to search for standards across a broad range of job roles and industries.

To ensure NOS are up to date and fit for purpose, they are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the needs of industry and new NOS are also commissioned to reflect new and changing industries. A key part of the process for updating and creating NOS is consultation with employers and stakeholders across the UK. This is a chance for you to contribute your views and experiences and influence the future of standards.

For further information on National Occupational Standards in Northern Ireland, email: NOS.Reviews@economy-ni.gov.uk


These are the reviews of NOS currently underway:

The Equine Hoof Care (EHC) and Farriery Industry NOS Review – final consultation

Lantra has been working with the Equine Hoof Care (EHC) and Farriery Industry to review the National Occupational Standards (NOS). They are now in a position to submit the draft NOS in order to consult with wider industry and for final consultation.

Lantra would welcome your review and feedback of the draft documents via SurveyMonkey. The survey can be found:

The closing date for participation was Friday 24 January 2020.

Social Marketing and Cleaning and Support Services reviews

Instructus Skills and Skills Development Scotland are working together to review the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Social Marketing and Cleaning and Support Services to ensure that apprentices are developing the competencies and behaviours that employers need  

This is the second stage for these NOS consultations and follows a review of the role functions and capabilities that were completed last September.

The closing date for participation was Friday 31 January 2020.

Camera and Lighting NOS review

ScreenSkills would welcome industry feedback on its update of the National Occupational Standards that inform the development of qualifications and apprenticeships in the screen industries.

During October and November 2019, professionals across the nations were consulted about the competencies, skills and knowledge that are needed to work in the screen industries in camera- and lighting-related job roles. Draft updates have been produced for both the Camera Standards and the Lighting for Film and TV standards.

ScreenSkills asked industry professionals to contribute their views to finalising these draft standards by giving feedback on the sections relevant to them by Monday 27 January. The aim is to ensure that the updated suite of standards capture what is currently considered best practice in the industry.

Please view the standards and provide feedback:

Please contact: krisztina.biliczky@screenskills.com if you require any further information.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software Development and Cyber Security

ODAG Consultants Ltd are currently expanding the range of National Occupational Standards (NOS) relating to IT/Digital, and in particular to develop new NOS in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software Development and Cyber Security.

The NOS consultation is hosted at: National Occupational Standards (NOS) for IT, Cyber Security and Analytics

They are seeking feedback on the new draft NOS from employers, industry experts, training providers, further and higher education and other relevant stakeholders to take part in consultation and feed into the review. This is to make sure that the NOS are up-to-date and fit for purpose.

NOS are used to help develop definitions of occupational competency and create vocational qualifications which are also used in Apprenticeship frameworks in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. They are relevant not only to the IT profession, but across all sectors who are increasingly utilising software and data technologies as part of their operations, including cyber security competencies used to protect data and systems from threats and vulnerabilities.

The closing date for the consultation was 5 February 2020.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) - requirement for a new unit

The Institute for the Motor Industry (IMI) has recently gone through a consultation period for National Occupational Standards (NOS) in:

  • Maintenance and repair - light vehicle
  • Autoglazing.

To view the amended NOS suites please click IMI website and scroll down to the relevant suite of NOS.

As part of this process, expert working groups were consulted and have indicated that there is a requirement for a new unit to cover Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS.)

IMI would like your feedback to ensure NOS remains relevant and reflects current industry requirements; the new ADAS unit will be available for all sectors so, it is important that IMI get a comprehensive reflection of what is required by anyone working with ADAS systems.

A very short survey has been put together to collect your thoughts and comments:

Alternatively we would also welcome any emails with feedback and are happy to arrange telephone calls to discuss. To do so please contact: Caroline Harris at: carolineh@theimi.org.uk or on 07827 856 564.

The closing date for participation was 17 February 2020.

National Occupational Standards (NOS) review of Furniture

LJW Skills Consultancy is carrying out consultation with employers, associates and industry experts across the UK in all four nations on the NOS associated with Furniture in particular Finishing Furniture and Upholstery, and Soft Furnishings incorporating Bed Making. Further information is available:

Questions for your consideration and for your response are:

  1. Are you happy with the NOS in this suite as they are at present? YES / NO
  2. Does this standard reflect current industry practice?
  3. Is there anything missing from this standard? If so, please identify
  4. Is there anything missing from this suite of NOS? If so, please identify
  5. 5. Is there a need for the NOS to be translated into Welsh?

This is your chance to have your say in the consultation process, even if you feel the NOS are broadly fit for purpose, your input would be seen as invaluable.  If you would like to join the working group, or have any questions, please contact Lisa Williamson at LJW Consultancy.

National Occupational Standards (NOS) Review of Facilities Management

Lantra has been awarded the work to review the current National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Facilities Management (soft). This is an exciting opportunity to ensure the current forty-two NOS for the facilities Management Industry (soft) are relevant, accurate and an important benchmark for industry and qualifications across the UK.

National Occupational Standards (NOS) Review of Fashion and Textiles Sector

UK Fashion and Textiles (UKFT) is the most inclusive British network for fashion and textile companies in the UK, bringing together designers, manufacturers, agents and retailers to promote their businesses and the fashion and textile industry, both in the UK and throughout the world. UKFT is in a unique position, representing businesses from spinning, weaving and knitting, right through to catwalk.

The NOS for the fashion and textiles sector form the basis of industry qualifications and are used to inform professional development. This is your opportunity to get involved and shape the training landscape in your chosen sector for the next five years.

There are two projects underway:

  • Project 1 - Footwear, Leathergoods & Leather Production
  • Project 2 - Manufacturing Textiles Products/Manufacturing Sewn Products

The Northern Ireland workshops were held in the Fashion and Textile Design Centre, 31-33 Shipquay Street, Derry-Londonderry in October 2019.

NOS Review of Steelfixing

Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) in Great Britain has updated the existing NOS for Steelfixing Occupations and developed one new NOS for the sector. These are currently out for consultation with a closing date for responses of 15 November

They can be viewed on their website at:

NOS Review of Geomatics and Site Surveying

Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) in Great Britain has identified the need for a full review of national occupational standards in the areas of Geomatics and Site Surveying and seeks industry views:

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