2023 ESF case study - Disability Action 3

Job Match is a project delivered by Disability Action which supports economically inactive or unemployed people with a disability as their primary barrier to paid employment.

The project is part funded through the Northern Ireland European Social Fund Programme 2014-2020 and the Department for the Economy.

Participant's story

In this case study Disability Action tells how the Job Match project helped this young person to secure employment.

The participant is a young man who had a health condition, and whose preferred role for employment was catering, having completed his studies in this field. After his enrolment on to the Job Match programme, rapport was built between his Employment Officer, the participant, and his family.

Together they identified suitable roles, and the Employment Officer made approaches to local employers as a reasonable adjustment. The participant had a work trial which gave him confidence but didn’t materialise into employment.

Workable NI programme

However, another opportunity came up with a company who were holding an Open Day as part of their recruitment drive.The Employment Officer approached the company’s recruitment manager to ask for a reasonable adjustment, as interviews were being conducted on the day.

The participant, accompanied by a family member and his Employment Officer, attended the Open Day. As a reasonable adjustment, the participant was allowed a site tour to familiarise him with the surroundings. His interview went well, and a job offer was made. At this point, the Workable NI programme was introduced to the store manager and the recruitment manager.

The Employment Officer assisted the participant with his e-learning and onboarding paperwork, and when all was completed, he was invited to begin his induction.

The participant was accompanied to his induction by the Employment Officer and Workable NI colleague where he was shown how to navigate the company online portal and received his uniform. The participant was given a further site tour to meet colleagues and had a trial shift. He excelled at this, and it was decided that to help him settle, a ‘buddy system’ would be put in place to give him a routine while he adapted. The Workable NI officer explained their role and it is expected that the participant will progress well within the company.

The Employment Officer will continue to give ‘light touch’ support as the participant exits Job Match to avail of the Workable NI support.


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