Domestic Abuse - Safe Leave

Consultation opened on 05 July 2024. Closing date 27 September 2024 at 17:00.


The Department for the Economy is seeking views on how to operationalise the provisions in the Domestic Abuse (Safe Leave) Act (NI) 2022.


Consultation description

This consultation seeks to inform the public about the department’s intention to introduce regulations, under and in accordance with provisions of the Domestic Abuse (Safe Leave) Act (NI) 2022, to entitle employees and workers, who are victims of domestic abuse up to 10 days paid safe leave in each leave year for the purpose of dealing with issues related to that abuse.

The Domestic Abuse (Safe Leave) Act (NI) 2022 (“the Act”) is an important piece of legislation that will help those employees who are victims. The purpose of the Act is to make provision for an entitlement to paid safe leave for victims of domestic abuse. The cost of safe leave is met by the employer. Safe leave is defined by the Act as paid leave from work that can be used by an employee who is a victim of domestic abuse for the purpose of dealing with issues related to the domestic abuse. Safe leave can help mitigate some of the barriers that victims face when attempting to seek help and support. It can also assist employers to know what to do, as it sets out a framework to help them support their employees.

This consultation seeks views on the department’s proposed approach to developing the appropriate regulations. Your views will help the Department for the Economy develop regulations that meet the needs of victims of domestic abuse and provide guidance to employers to help them understand, manage and fulfil their obligations, in line with the parameters set by the Act.

Responses to this consultation will help us determine:

  • how to develop a legislative framework which enables employers to provide support to employees who are dealing with the challenges of domestic abuse
  • the process for taking safe leave
  • the regulatory, equality and other impacts of the policy.

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