Future Role of NI Private Sector Services

Date published: 01 April 2004

Under the Research Agenda 2003-05, DETI commissioned research into the Future Role of Private Services in Northern Ireland. The research was undertaken by the Northern Ireland Economic Research Council (NIERC) and Regional Forecasts Ltd.

The main aim of the research was to identify and forecast where future expansion/development will occur over the next 10 years, and where growth opportunities might exist in the sector.

Within the overall aim of the research four objectives were identified:

  • Comparison of private services development in NI with that in the rest of the UK ;
  • Identification of sub-sectors currently underdeveloped in NI;
  • Projection of future trends for private services in Northern Ireland for employment, output, GVA and productivity; and
  • Assessment of future implications for the NI economy as a whole in terms of job quality and income levels.

The final report can be downloaded below:

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