Department for the Economy publishes Higher Education Statistics

Date published: 30 August 2018

The Department for the Economy has published the following statistical bulletin: Destinations of Leavers from UK Higher Education Institutions: Northern Ireland analysis 2016/17.

Department for the Economy publishes Higher Education Statistics
Department for the Economy publishes Higher Education Statistics

This statistical bulletin presents findings from the 2016/17 Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey. The survey is carried out approximately six months after the students graduate. This bulletin provides information on Northern Ireland (NI) domiciled students who qualified from UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and all students who qualified from NI HEIs.

The key findings are:

  • 79.4% of NI domiciled full-time leavers from UK HEIs were in employment approximately six months after graduating, while a further 0.6% were due to start work.
  • The mean salary of NI domiciled full-time leavers from UK HEIs in full-time employment was £21,935 (median - £22,000).
  • Full-time leavers from NI HEIs (78.9%) were more likely to be in employment than leavers from English (74.2%), Scottish (73.2%) or Welsh (70.5%) HEIs.
  • Employment rates for full-time leavers from NI HEIs varied depending on subject area studied. The rates were highest for those who studied Medicine & Dentistry (95.7%), Subjects Allied to Medicine (87.8%) or Education (87.6%).
  • 72.4% of all NI domiciled full-time leavers in employment were working in NI approximately 6 months after leaving. However, 34.0% of those who studied in GB HEIs were working in NI, compared with 88.6% of those who graduated from NI HEIs.

This document is available from the DFE website

Notes to editors: 

  1. The statistics presented in this bulletin are based on data supplied by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). HESA is the official agency for the collection of information on publicly funded Higher Education (HE) institutions in the UK. 
  2. The HESA data presented in this bulletin relate to students at HE institutions in NI and do not include HE students at FE colleges in NI or GB, or at institutions in the Republic of Ireland.
  3. HE students for the purpose of HESA's data collection are those students on courses for which the level of instruction is above that of level 3 of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) National Qualifications Framework (NQF) (for example, courses at the level of Certificate of HE and above).
  4. The academic year runs from 1 August to 31 July.
  5. Further notes and technical details are available in the bulletin on the Department's website
  6. For further information, please contact DfE Press Office on 028 9052 9604.  Out of office hours please contact the EIS Duty Press Officer on 028 9037 8110.

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