Innovation Dashboard Innovation Dashboard

Innovation Dashboard

This dashboard gives a summary of Northern Ireland’s innovation performance across six key innovation indicators as well as progress against the four goals of the Northern Ireland Innovation Strategy. Northern Ireland is currently 12th of the 12 UK regions in terms of innovation. However, the Northern Ireland Executive has set the ambitious target of being in the top four by 2025.

Innovation Strategy Goals

The Northern Ireland Executive’s Innovation Strategy was published in September 2014. The information below highlights the progress made against each of the four main goals set out in that strategy.

UK Innovation Regional Ranking

Our goal is to be in the top 4 by 2025. Currently we are 12 out of 12.

... more

EU Regional Innovation Scorecard

We want to be an innovation leader by the year 2025. We are currently a strong innovator.

... more

Total Research and Development Spend

Our target is to have a total Research and Development spend of £1.2bn in 2025. Currently we are spending £759.2m.

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Knowledge Economy Jobs

We want to have 58,000 Knowledge Economy jobs by 2025. Latest figures show that Northern Ireland has 40,250 in the knowledge economy.

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Innovation Themes

We have measured innovation across the six themes shown below.

Theme 1: Innovation

Innovation is crucial if businesses are to remain profitable and competitive. Innovation helps companies to provide high value and services ... more

Theme 2: Research and Development Expenditure

Research and Development underpins the development of new knowledge and enhanced products and services. It is a key indicator of innovation ... more

Theme 3: Research Funding

Research and Development drives productivity growth and economic performance, helping business to optimise profitability and competitiveness ... more

Theme 4: Skills and Higher Education

The high quality knowledge and skills created in our universities and Higher Education institutions must be transferred into the economy to help improve economic outputs ... more

Theme 5:

Entrepreneurship is an important driver of economic growth and innovation. It's crucial that entrepreneurs and start ups are encouraged and supported ... more

Theme 6: Knowledge Economy

Growing the knowledge economy will help rebalance the economy towards higher productivity and generate wealth ... more

Medium Term Targets

The Northern Ireland Executive Innovation Strategy outlines a number of medium term targets that can be used to track the impact the strategy is having. The information below shows how we are perfom

Drawdown from Horizon 2020

The NI Executive target is €145m by 2020 ... more

Business Research and Development Expenditure

The NI Executive target is 1.8 per cent of GVA by 2020 ... more

Number of Research and Development Companies

The NI Executive target is 650 companies by 2020 ... more

Overall Business Start up Rate

The NI Executive target is 14 per cent of all businesses will be Start Ups by 2020 ... more

Collaboration Among Innovative Firms

The NI Executive target is 60 per cent of innovative firms collaborating by 2020 ... more

Private Sector Turnover from Innovation

The NI Executive target is £22bn by 2020 ... more


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