The Department for the Economy (DfE) is working closely with training contractors and employers to develop the support measures needed for apprenticeships to continue.

COVID-19 - Apprenticeship Recovery Package

Financial support for local businesses to help the apprenticeship system respond to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis

The Department for the Economy has developed an Apprenticeship Recovery Package for Northern Ireland that will channel financial support to local businesses to help the apprenticeship system respond to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis:

CCEA Regulation

The department has appointed the Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment Regulation (CCEA Regulation) with responsibility for the regulation and quality assurance of qualifications taken by learners in Northern Ireland (NI), as set out in the Education (NI) Order 1998.

CCEA Regulation works independently of CCEA Awarding Organisation.

CCEA Regulation works in close conjunction with the other UK Regulators to ensure that the standards of general and vocational assessments/examinations available in Northern Ireland are equivalent and comparable to elsewhere in the UK.

CCEA Regulation also provides professional advice, support and guidance to the Department on a wide range of vocationally related issues.

COVID-19 - Alternative Awarding Arrangements for Vocational Qualifications

The vocational landscape is complex involving >2,500 qualifications, delivered by 89 awarding organisations in a range of educational settings. Vocational qualifications serve a number of important purposes, such as progression to further study or signalling occupational competence. UK Regulators work closely together to provide continuity and consistency for learners and protect the portability and integrity of qualifications throughout the UK.

Throughout the pandemic the department continues to work closely with CCEA Regulation and key stakeholders to develop a robust alternative system for the award of vocational qualifications to ensure that as many learners as possible can receive fair and timely results to enable progression pathways.

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