Post project evaluation (PPE) guidance and templates

Within the Department for the Economy, post project evaluations (PPE) must be completed for all projects with expenditure above £4,999. The only exception to this is a PPE must be undertaken for all ‘external consultancy’ projects regardless of value.

Post project evaluation (PPE)

Project evaluation is concerned with assessing whether or not objectives were met and whether the project represented value for money.

All evaluations should be prepared in accordance with Better Business Cases NI. This supersedes the Northern Ireland Guide to Expenditure Appraisal and Evaluation (NIGEAE). PPE guidance is available at DoF website.

The most recent guidance for consultancy projects (that is, when evaluating consultants), can be accessed on the Department of Finance (DoF) website:


The relevant pro forma for consultancy projects:

For all other projects, pro formas for different levels of expenditure up to £1m are available:

Where expenditure on a project is above £1m, a more detailed PPE will be required. Departmental economists are available to provide advice on this when required.

Evaluation sign-off

The sign-off for evaluations should correspond to their associated appraisal. This means that the sign-off corresponds to the delegated limits for economic appraisals up to £1m. Above this amount, the sign-off should be done by a Grade 3, as illustrated below.

Sign-off by a Minister or Permanent Secretary is not relevant because evaluation is not committing any resources or requesting any funding. Therefore, sign-off effectively follows EA delegated limits up to £1m. Above this amount, it is recommended that sign off should be at Grade 3 level.

Proposed level of expenditure Level of approval required
0 to £0.25m Grade 6/Grade 7
>£0.25m to £1m Grade 5
>£1m Grade 3

DfE economist contacts

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