This article was provided by Analytical Services, Department for the Economy. Information obtained from Lightcast, February 2023.

700 unique job postings per month

Health and Social Work is one of the most prevalent industries when it comes to actively recruiting. During 2022, 6% of all job postings across Northern Ireland were in the Health and Social Work sector, with it averaging almost 700 unique job postings per month in the year.

The top occupations advertised in the sector were Care Workers and Home Carers (19%); Nurses (12%); and Nursing Auxiliaries and Assistants (6%). The top job titles advertised were Support Workers; Care Assistants; and Health Care Assistants.

Experience required

There are a range of jobs available for everyone across all levels of education and experience. Where education was listed in the job advertisements, 43% required up to GCSEs or equivalent qualifications while 22% required Degree level qualifications or above. Where minimum experience was identified, two-thirds (68%) of job advertisements sought workers with less than three years’ experience.

Some of the most sought-after specialised skills by employers when advertising jobs included Nursing; Personal Care; Mental Health; and Midwifery. The most common skills requested included Communications; Management; and Planning.

The most active recruiting companies throughout 2022 were Northern Health and Social Care Trust, Ann's, Praxis Care; and Connected Health.

Further information

Have you considered a career in the Health and Social Work sector? If you wish to chat online with a careers adviser for advice and guidance on your careers options see Nidirect careers.

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