European Union dimension

Energy policy in Northern Ireland is strongly influenced by European energy policy and legislation. The information below highlights some of the more recent EU energy legislation affecting Northern Ireland.

EU third package of energy legislation

The EU Third Package of legislation concerns common rules for the internal market in electricity and gas (also known as IME 3).  It is a major package of energy legislation comprising two EU Directives and three EU Regulations as set out below:

The Electricity and Gas Directives were transposed in Northern Ireland via several pieces of legislation and modifications to electricity and gas licences made by the Utility Regulator.

In addition, the Department designated certain provisions of the Electricity and Gas Regulations as relevant requirements under the Energy (NI) Order 2003.  This enables them to be enforced by the Utility Regulator under domestic legislation.

These provisions are listed in the following designation documents:

Designation of Provisions of electricity and Gas Regulations

Work continues on compliance with the Electricity and Gas Regulations and the network codes and guidelines being developed under them.

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