ESF Information Memo 31/20 - Match funding

This memo provides guidance to project promoters around match funding.

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Dear Project Promoter,

As you are aware the ESF MA and PDB recognise the difficulties that projects have experienced in terms of delivery and targets and have offered the maximum level of flexibility whilst maintaining the funding levels agreed in your letter of offer. I understand from recent meetings that some projects are facing problems where this level of flexibility has not been provided by other match funders.

I am not privy to the reasons for this nor would I have the authority to intervene in individual cases where match funding may be under threat. Ensuring the availability of external or self-funding remains the responsibility of each project funded by the ESF programme.

I am however content that projects share the correspondence that I have issued to projects since the beginning of government restrictions:

In particular the following memos/pieces of correspondence may be of assistance in persuading other funders to consider additional flexibilities.

The ESF programme will continue to pay the agreed percentage of the eligible costs and I would ask all projects to keep me informed of any issues that are impacting generally on the delivery of your project.

Annie McGowan
Head of Project Delivery Branch

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