COVID-19 pandemic - ESF Project Promoter feedback survey

An invitation to European Social Fund (ESF) Project Promoters to take part in a survey on the support available to projects to respond to the challenges created by COVID-19. The invitation issued by email to promoters on 5 May 2021.

Copy of email issued to Project Promoters

Dear Project Promoter,

As discussed at recent end year meetings we are seeking your help to evaluate how Project Delivery Branch (PDB) assisted projects in responding to the challenges created by COVID 19. It should take approximately 5 minutes to complete and the feedback/results will be used to build on and improve future delivery.

All responses will be anonymous, treated in the strictest confidence and your project will not be identified. You should not make reference to your project or note anything that will allow us to identify it in your responses.

Please feel free to circulate the Survey to any members of your team who wish to also provide feedback.

Kind regards,
ESF PDB Performance Management Team


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