Careers Occupational Information Unit – Bulletin – Software Technology

This is the first bulletin to be published by the Careers Occupational Information Unit (COIU). The COIU was set up as a new DfE Careers Service resource in 2019 and provides local industry and employers with an accessible route to make key sector information available to citizens.
Published monthly, the COIU bulletins comprise a series of short question and answer-based video clips, which are accompanied by an ezine, containing information on local further and higher education course options and resources to assist with further research.


This bulletin focuses on the software technology subsector in Northern Ireland and includes videos from four people who work locally in different roles within software technology.

What is software technology?

John Healy, Managing Director of Allstate Northern Ireland, the largest IT company in Northern Ireland, explains:

“Software technology is such a broad field and it isn’t just about software technology companies, it’s about the software that’s used in companies right across the piece and…how you use technology to drive businesses forward”

Watch John discuss software technology further, why he would recommend a software career and what advice he would give to someone hoping to build a career in the sector:

    Anne Gallagher, Johnson Controls

    Watch Anne Gallagher, Senior Director of Engineering at Johnson Controls, explain what her job role entails, the various opportunities in software technology and her views on the most rewarding and challenging aspects of working in the sector.

      Roisin Goodman, apprentice software engineer, Kainos Earn As You Learn scheme

      Watch Roisin Goodman, apprentice software engineer on Kainos’ Earn As You Learn scheme, describe what her role involves and the skills and attributes she believes are most important for developing a career in this area:

      Joe McCrea, software engineer, Etain

      Watch Joe McCrea, software engineer at Etain, explain his pathway into the software technology sector and how individuals can make the most of informal learning opportunities to enhance their software skills.

      Software Technology ezine

      Download our ezine which provides the following information:

      Software Technology landscape

      The Northern Ireland software technology landscape - provides information to help illustrate the current and future landscape of software technology in NI.

      Q and A with Professor Liam Maguire

      Professor Liam Maguire, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment at Ulster University, outlines his career path to date, explains why it is important to highlight the opportunities available in the local software sector and offers his advice to those interested in a software career.

      Pathways into the software technology sector in NI

      This section includes information on current NI course provision, for those wishing to enter a career in software technology.

      Useful software technology websites

      This contains some useful websites, providing further information for young people and adults interested in a career in software technology.


      The COIU team welcomes your feedback on the content of this bulletin to help inform future bulletins. Additionally, if you have any comments on aspects of the bulletins you would like to see developed further, please email the mailbox -

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