2014-2020 NI ESF Programme Funding – Next Steps

On 12 August 2016, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer provided a guarantee that all EU structural and investment fund projects signed before the Autumn Statement would be fully funded, even when the projects continue beyond the UK departure from the EU.

In a further statement on 3rd October, the Chancellor extended the guarantee for projects signed, in the normal course of business, up until the actual date of departure. 

In light of this, we propose to proceed with delivery of the agreed Operational Programme as originally planned. Preparatory work for the second call for projects will commence during 2017 with a view to having projects approved for April 2018 in line with previous communications.

It is proposed that second call projects will run from April 2018 until march 2022.  Should this change we will of course notify all project promoters at the earliest possible time.

Maeve Hamilton

Director of European Fund Management

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